Limitations with SSRS SQL Server 2005


  • In our project, we are having a WPF C#.NET based UI with a reporting module based on SSRS reports (both report UI and Data rendering). In addition to viewing the report from the application (Reportviewer component), the business users also view the reports directly by typing in the URL where the SSRS report is hosted.


    Now we have the following business requests which we are afraid are limitations of SSRS on SQL Server 2005. Can you please suggest workaround or let us know if we are wrong in any of the below issues.


    Issues/Limitations in SSRS


    1. Save and Fetch Parameters and Filter conditions There are no default/Out-of-the-Box solution options in SSRS.


    2. Hide Report Parameter dynamically ex. Account Manager can see all fields etc. (From WPF/UI workaround exists, but none from SSRS/IIS directly) – No default/OOB options in SSRS.


    3. Disable hyperlinks during Export to Excel/PDF from both Website and UI This is a limitation with SSRS. Workaround is to read design of data and export to Excel (basically a redesign of the export component) leading to high degree of development effort.


    4. Pagination is not working when column visibility is 'hidden' - Need to find a workaround for this SSRS limitation.


    5. RBS Security Implementation Need to check the option of using RBS directly from SSRS Report URL(website)


    6. Log the SSRS subscription errors – Not worked on subscription feature. Need to Research this item. Logging/Error handling into Eventviewer is provided in SSRS.


    7. Client Side validation of user entered data – Similar to 1 and 2. Not possible from both UI as well as Website unless we have a custom UI



    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 4:14 PM