Error: "DimensionPermission(1,2) The dimension '[DataAreaDim]' was not found in the cube when the string [DataAreaDim].[DataAreaID].&[SIN], was parsed" RRS feed

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    One role has one AD group as a member
    Access = None for Data Sources (Default)
    Access = Read and Local Cube/Drillthrough Access = Drillthrough for Cubes
    Nothing set for Cell Data (Default)
    Access = Read for all dimensions in Dimensions (Default)
    Deselect all members + one value selected (RME selected for one role (Allowed member set= {[DataAreaDim].[DataAreaID].&[RME]}), SIN selected for another role (Allowed member set= {[DataAreaDim].[DataAreaID].&[SIN]}) etc.) for Dimension Data

    I get the above error message when an AD account is a member of both the AD group giving access to RME and the AD group giving access to SIN. Can anyone explain?

    Addition: I once saw an otherwise completely different problem in relation to T-SQL, with one common point: The two adjacent letters 'a'. In a Danish/Norwegian collation this will sort as the single letter 'å' which is last in the alphabet. My cubes are, as far as I can tell Latin and shouldn't have this issue, but I thought I would add this info anyway. I'm not sure how to rename the dimension. The name is easy, but how about the key?
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