Excel Template Problem


  • Hi all-

    I have a package that exports to an Excel template (i.e. a workbook that is created at runtime) which is working fine.  However, it seems as though the template is created only on the first run of the package - subsequent runs populate the already existing workbook.

    This leads to the problem of data populating starting at the row after the last row of the last export.  I.e. if upon running the package once the data populates rows 1-100, running it again will populate data from rows 101-200 and so on. 

    Is there a way to either a) overwrite the existing workbook when exporting or b) preferably, set the workbook name dynamically at runtime based on a variable?

    Thank you!


    Freitag, 13. April 2012 18:33


  • You can easily set the name of the workbook at runtime.  Just setup an expression for the ExcelFilePath property on your connection


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