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  • Hi,

    I have a PP file linked to two SharePoint lists.  In the file I created two pivot tables each with a chart displayed on a different worksheet.  All tables and charts are specifically named.  So I have four worksheets altogether; two pivot tables and two charts.  I can publish the file to a PowerPivot library with no problems.  The dilemma is in how the file behaves once it has been published, depending on what options I use when I publish it:


    Publish all items:  The thumbnails in the gallery are displayed alphabetically.  When I click on any thumbnail, it always opens to last worksheet.  The tabs for the sheets are displayed in the same order as the workbook. 

    Publish all sheets:  The thumbnails in the Gallery match the order in the workbook.  If I click on a thumbnail for one of the charts, I get an error that “The named item cannot be displayed”. If I click on a thumbnail for either of the tables, it opens to the correct table. I can then click on the tabs at the bottom and view the charts.

    Publish entire workbook:  Same behavior as publish all sheets.


    What I would like is for the thumbnails to be in the same order as the workbook and be able to click on any one of them and have the workbook open to the sheet/item.  Publishing all sheets is the closest match to what I want, but clicking on a chart produces the error I mentioned above.  Is there any way I can accomplish this?


    1. března 2012 15:35


  • Hi phbern,

    By default, the order of the sheets will be same as the sequence in your workbook, which kind of PowerPivot Gallery View you are using? Could you please have a try to upload the workbook to the PowerPivot Gallery directly.


    Challen Fu

    TechNet Community Support

    5. března 2012 7:05