Error Code 2103!!! Silverlight Installation Problem!!!!!!


  • I have been able to watch Netflix before. But only like 5 times then i run into this problem.
    Always this problem. So i follow the directions. I've uninstalled it. Searched my computer, done the whole hard drive deal and emptied my trash, closed my browsers, erased my cookies, the whole 9 yards buuuut everytime i try to watch netflix it asks me to uninstall and reinstall, so i do. I start the process and let it run its course then it says it is a success. The problem is  when i go to load Netflix show/movie (I get the blue dots basically saying its "loading") THEEEEENNN i get the same darn message below. Its an endless cycle. I've searched the internet and these boards but i cant seem to find my specific answer to this specific problem. 

    Error Code 2103: 


    You have encountered an issue specific to Microsoft Silverlight, the software used to watch movies on the Netflix website. This issue is often resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.

    To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Macintosh computer, please follow these steps:

    1. Completely close any currently open internet browser windows.
    2. Navigate to your Hard Drive.
    3. Select Library.
    4. Select Internet Plugins.
    5. Drag Silverlight.plugin to your trash.
    6. Once you have emptied your trash, Microsoft Silverlight uninstallation will be complete.

    After completing the above steps, attempting to Watch Instantly on will prompt you to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight.

    Sunday, November 03, 2013 4:41 PM