Can't get past Dialogue Box


  • Using W7, IE9 with silverlight installed.  Try to download pictures in hotmail or other websites.  Get Dialogue warning box, that a program (Silverlight.exe) is trying to open outside of the protected mode.  Mouse will move but will not allow me to select either "Allow" or "Don't show Again."  Computer is effectively frozen at this point, so have to "cntl/alt/del" to get out of whatever program I'm in. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Silverlight multiple times, I have disabled all add-ins, I have gone to power options and disabled USB suspend.  All with no luck.  With Silverlight Not installed, all picture downloads work fine.  Any other ideas, other than the obvious-don't install Silverlight?  Thanks

    Monday, May 07, 2012 12:21 PM


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