Reactive framework issue. system.reactive.dll... but where is it?!?!

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  • Hello everyone.

    First, sorry about my english. It's not my first language. I started to work with some guys and my first project is about porting a Windows Phone app to Windows 8. One of the issues that I have encountered (and I know that maybe is noobie question) is with the "Reactive Framework". My boss told me that I should install it because our app use this Framework because the Schedulers and etc. Ok. When I open the project, one of the references is "System.Reactive" and it has an exclamation mark because I don't have installed in my laptop. My boss told me that I should install it using this .exe: Fine, I did that and now I can add references like "System.Reactive.Core" or "System.Reactive.Something" but I still can't find the "System.Reactive" itself so the exclamation mark persist!!! Where I can find it!?! If I am in the wrong directions, someone please explain me because I don't get it!!! Thank you very much!!
    Friday, June 01, 2012 10:01 PM