Wmv files on our own server and Exp Encoder Video player output files

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  • Greetings. I have been finally able to get a wmv video playing on my site in a Silverlight template from the Expression Encoder but following Tim's post here and uploading the wmv and EE files to my free 4 GB free Silverlight Live account. But there is no way or no explanation still on how to use the Expression Encoder outputted files with the video player template with wmv vc-1 files hosted on our own linux servers instead of the silverlight live account which has restrictions on the size of the video etc.

    Please please, I request the MS developers to kindly tell us urgently how to do this step by step for a noivce like the above post by Tim. How can you expect us to buy the Expression Encoder after the 20 more days expiry period if the outputted js files with the video player templates work only with your Silverlight Live account and not when the Wmv files are hosted on our own servers? Please provide a solution for this asap if you are kindly reading this so that I can decide to buy the Expression Encoder asap. Thanks and awaiting your response.

    Thursday, May 10, 2007 7:09 AM