Updating DataGrid row group header height?

    General discussion

  • I have two styles that I switch in and out for my DataGrid's row group header style; one shows data about the cells contained within it, while the other one is basically just a line. This part seems to work well enough; the styles are definitely getting swapped out.

    My problem is that the "line" style doesn't correctly resize itself downward, so it ends up being a huge row with nothing in it. The "content" style adjusts automatically, as I tell it to with the 'Height = "Auto"' setter, but even putting a 'Height = "5"' setter on the "line" style doesn't result in that row group header being re-adjusted downward so that it actually is just a line. However, that line style does display properly if I never use the content style, so... clearly the row group header is more able to resize upward than it is to resize downward.

    Does anybody know how I can go about solving this problem?


    Friday, June 08, 2012 9:18 AM