createFromXAMLDownloader error because off content?

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  • Hello.
    I've put the content between this text (must in the new release of Silverlight) (

    // Create the objects from the XAML content.
        Control = sender.getHost();
        var xamlFragment = Control.content.createFromXAMLDownloader(sender);

    But I get an error:

    In the silverlight.js file by function:
    function default_error_handler(sender, args)
    Get an alert with among other things.
    errorcode: 2207
    MethodeName: createFromXAMLDownloader

    Does someone have an example where this works well or now what I do wrong?

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  • I now what i did wrong.
    most be:

    // the part parameter is set to an empty string.
        var xamlFragment = control.content.createFromXamlDownloader(sender, "");  // behind sender most come: ,"

    Wednesday, May 02, 2007 6:23 AM