Unable to find PRISM regions defined inside RadExpander content


  • Hi,

    I am placing a region "JobTabRegion"(using a ContentControlin the DataTemplate of  a RadTabControl in my Shell. This "JobTabRegion" is bind to view named "MainJobView" which in turn has a RadTabControl and regions are marked inside the RadTabItem.Content (using a ContentControlof each RadTabItem. One such region would be "JobRequestRegion" which is bind to a view named "JobRequestView". This "JobRequestView" has a RadExpander control and I am having a region marked (using a ContentControlinside the RadExpander.Content called "ExpanderRegion" . I am using two buttons to switch the contents of the RadExpander. To do so, in the ViewModel of  "JobRequestView", when i try to access the "ExpanderRegion" from the Region Manager instance, i get an error saying "The region manager does not contain the ExpanderRegion region." 

    I have read in an article that the regions marked inside a DataTemplate will not be available in the RegionCollection of the Region Manager. But i didn't get any proper solution. I am using PRISM v 4 andSilverlight 4.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Thursday, September 22, 2011 9:38 AM


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