wisptis.exe causing Silverlight application to crash in IE on Windows 7


  • I have been troubleshooting an issue with Silverlight causing IE to crash.


    Lenovo Desktop

    Running Win 7 Enterprise

    Citrix VDA 7.1

    Citrix Receiver 4.5

    I have been able to trace the issue to having VDA installed and wisptis.exe not running when the app is launched in IE.  I have verified this behavior on a few computers.  The process can be started as a service "Tablet PC Input Service", running it as a service creates two entries in task manager, one under the user the other without a user.  I've seen issues in different forums regarding two running instances causing issues with mouse input.  When accessing system using RDC, the application is not called to run the Silverlight application therefore it doesn't crash.  Any suggestions on how to work around this issue?

    Wednesday, March 01, 2017 1:51 PM

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