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  • In late 2016 both our household laptops started having web browsing/media app issues - anything with multimedia in it - after a typical Windows update. We struggled with it being an ISP issue since it seemed like button clicks (web page or in apps like media player) would initially react, then hang.  Eventually the problem resolved itself, and we assumed the ISP did something to fix it.

    For Edge and IE, the message "Blah-Blah.com has stopped responding" would appear, with a choice to recover the page or cancel.  In YouTube we'd be prompted to restart the device if the video playback didn't start soon.  Using Chrome for YouTube, video would sometimes start to play after a lengthy delay - but with no sound.  And so on...

    Then it all came back around again this year, probably mid-March, and again we assumed an ISP issue.  They made changes to our service, but it didn't fix the issues.  Two independent Win10 devices behaving similarly felt like a Win10 issue to me... 

    Today I couldn't even click a "Buy" button on the Amazon digital music search results page.  And I REALLY needed to do that...

    SO... I first chose to de-install Silverlight, which occurred successfully.  Following an immediate reboot, the world is back to NORMAL operation.  I can browse media web pages, play videos in media player, and YouTube is happy once again in Edge and IE, and Chrome now has audio output in video playback.

    My question is - what's breaking with Silverlight - and how do we let the developers know that it's a recurring problem?  Perhaps they have two code bases for concurrent Silverlight development or modules, and one is somehow out of synch.  As I noted, the problem did self-repair eventually the first time, though I don't know the specific trigger.

    Regardless of outcome, thanks for listening!

    Saturday, June 10, 2017 11:16 AM

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