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    I am experiencing a weird Build error only when building manually with MSBuild, but not when building with VS. Already posted this problem in the TFS Build Forum and I was redirected by the TFS guys to this forum in order to get better response. I'll copy over the problem description from previous thread:

    I am experiencing a weird error, but first some description of the solution I have. It is a solution containing WPF and Silverlight projects. The WPF projects are class libraries which are played by a WPF application. Silverlight projects are Silverlight apps referenced by a Web application which is hosting them.

    I get the error (from the title) when starting build over TFS (which starts MSBuild), yet this error does not pop up if building this solution locally with Visual Studio. I should also mention that previously these Silverlight apps were hosted by another Web application (Web forms) and that this error started happening after deciding to host them another Web application (MVC). Locally, everything builds and runs smoothly, but TFS throws build errors..

    Here is a snippet from the MSBuild build output. I hope somebody can provide insight into this weird behaviour. Thanks in advance!

    MSBUILD : error : Copying file D:\24\APP_NX\APPmain\Sources\Testconversion\Template\Silverlight\SCT\REFDEMOAPP\REFDEMOAPP001\Bin\Release\REFDEMOAPP001.xap failed. No Silverlight project specified for Silverlight output D:\24\APP_NX\APPmain\Sources\Testconversion\Template\Silverlight\SCT\REFDEMOAPP\REFDEMOAPP001\Bin\Release\REFDEMOAPP001.xap. [D:\24\APP_NX\APPmain\Sources\src\UI\APP.UI.Testplayer.Testplayer.HTML\WebTestPlayer.csproj]

    More info: we are using TFS 2013 (Update 1) with VS 2015.

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