Auto Train ML.Net Model and Get Multiple Outputs RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am very new to ML.Net framework, however looking at the videos and referring to articles I could able to learn something, I explored the following question over the internet, but I couldn’t find a proper solution. If anyone can help it is great help to me.

        • I found a code sample to Train a data-set for giving by a particular time slot
        private static void TrainData()
              MLContext mlContext = new MLContext();
               var trainingData = lContext.Data.LoadFromTextFile<SalaryData> 
               (_dataFile, hasHeader: true, separatorChar: ',');
               var settings = new RegressionExperimentSettings()
                     MaxExperimentTimeInSeconds = 20
               var experiment = 
               var result = experiment.Execute(trainingData, 
               labelColumnName: "PredictedSalary");

    after train above data how we can save the result set in a file.

    1. How to train the model over and over again with new data?

    2. How to get multiple Prediction (“Labels”) as an e.g, given by customer name or ID need to get predicted product list.

    3. How to select best training algorithm according to business problem?

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