• Is it possible to use mshtml in Silverlight? I cannot find a clear answer. If it is possible then I will contiinue to try to figure out how.

    The threads Getting  object a silverlight  at runtime and can silverlight be customized are unclear about whether it works.

    Is it not possible to use COM classes in Silverlight at all? If so then I am surprised that the other threads do not say that and seem to instead iindicate it could work.

    I am new to Silverlight and WPF. I am experienced with Windows Forms uisng C# and with the Windows API, including C++ MFC. I have written many programs that use mshtml using Windows Forms. I want to convert one to Silverlight if possible. I need to know at least if it is possible to use mshtml with Silverlight.

    Update: I am looking at the HTML Bridge; it might be what I can use.

    Thursday, April 26, 2012 7:37 PM