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  • Hi All,

            I created one Form Based Authentication module(FBA) using ASPNET Membership provider in  VS.NET 2005.It has sent the auto generated password in email once the member registered .I created two web application in production server where i deployed my FBA.Both site are internet site.one of the web site ,member created and email sent to them correctly.But i encountered the problem is that another site in the same server where the member created and not email sent to the member.Both site have different database for FBA users.Sites both referred same FBA module and i kept formatted email as xslt under the /_layouts folder which invoked by the FBA module.

            I used SPUtility for send email to the members.It logged error such as Remote name could not be resolved : 'sitename' at system.Net.HttpRequest.GetResponse() at system.xml.xmldowloadmanager.getNOnFileStream(uri,uri,,) at system.xml.xmlurlresolver.getentity(,,) at system.xml.xsl.xslt.xsltloader.createReader() at system.xml.xsl.xslt.xsltloader.load()  at system.xml.xsl.xslt.compiler.compile() at system.xml.xsl.xslcompiledtransform.compilexslttoqil() at system.xml.xsl.xslcompiledTansform.LoadInternal()

          I stuck here ,anybody know how to trace this problem.why did it not send email in particular site?.

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  • Hi All,

          I successfully resolved that above problem.It raised the error lack of entry in the host file.I put the host entry and save it .It is working properly now.

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009 6:40 AM