Microsoft Silverlight fails to install.


  • I went out of town on vacation while my dad stayed home and just ran the house, basically. I get a call and I learn that something happened with our computer. He says that it went "black" except he could see a few icons and stuff like that. He also mentioned that our pictures, music, etc. went missing and he couldn't find them anywhere. After he got a second opinion, he figured the hard drive crashed and did a System Restore, which seemed to have worked, somewhat. I have files missing from where they should be and in my Libraries section, there's nothing there (Windows 7). No My Pictures folder, My Music Folder, etc. I thought nothing of it and saved everything that was backed up onto my desktop. However, it seems that Microsoft Silverlight has been erased and I need it to watch movies on Netflix. I download it, and all seems fine until it gets to the install window. I click "install" and immediately get a response screen saying "Microsoft Silverlight has failed to install". The error message is "Message ID: 1622 The installation log file could not be written. Verify that the Temp folder exists and that you can write to it." I don't know how to fix this and have went through my entire computer and deleted everything pertaining to Silverlight. Help!

    Sunday, September 30, 2012 6:26 PM

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