Font Rendering Improvements in Silverlight 5


  • Hi All,

    Does anybody have any information about font rendering improvements in Silverlight 5?  I was at MIX this year and was told that there had been additonal font improvements made to Silverlight 4.  I can't see a difference from Silverlight 3 so I am hoping that the improvements didn't make it into the final release.  Fonts rendered with ClearType in Silverlight 4 still look chunky (especially with light text colors and dark backgrounds) and a bit blurry.  I have also noticed that the same character will render perfectly in one line of text and blurry in another.

    I know that WPF received a few new text improvements that make it look great.  I am hoping those same improvements are heading our way.



    Friday, June 18, 2010 10:17 AM


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