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  • Hello,

    i am using SQL Server 2012 RC0 on a Windows Server 2008 32Bit as a VPC with 3GB.

    During import of 6 Mio records from relational SQL Server database table into a tabular model a memory error occured:

    • Memory error: Allocation failure: Not enough storage is available to process the command.

    Memory and pagefile usage is below 80%. I changed the database parameter "Memory / VertiPaqPagingPolicy" from 0 (No Paging) to 1 (OS paging) and 2 (Memory Mapped paging) but the problem persists.

    Any help is appreciated,


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  • If the number of columns is big then the initial demand of memory depends on the DefaultSegmentRowCount (which is 8Mln for Tabular and 1Mln for Excel scenarios) times the number of columns. Since you have 6mln records, which is not far from 8 then very likely they all do not fit anyway. The only hope is compression...

    The paging is done per segment, and during processing the data is collected first into segment and only after that it is compressed. While a processed database (compression applied to the segments) might indeed consume little space for lots of data the processing itself (importing data from SQL Server) has peak memory demands.

    Maybe you have a chance to process by specifying DefaultSegmentRowCount as 1024*1024 and VertiPaqPagingPolicy as 2. Unless there is an issue with lack of virtual space.

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