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  • I have a modest database size (around) 35 gigs, on a quad core computer that has been running (intentionally) at nearly 100% for two weeks (math problems that will take about a month to calculate) the database has about 1.5 million records written to it an hour to store intermediate calculation results.  

    My computer crashed last night with a disk full error.  I saw the transaction log was about 300 gig, so I did a database backup and then tried shrinking it, but it did not shrink.

    Long story short with some tinkering, it is now in recovery mode, I am removing stuff from my drive, but the log seems to just grow a bit more when I do.  (nothing is running now of course.)

    It is not all bad that this happened, as I discovered my disk drive was too hot to touch from so much of a work out.  When I start it back up, I will find a solution to that.

    My suspicion is that because the processors were at almost 100% utilization for several weeks, that it caused the transaction log failure, but that is just a guess.  It doesnt make sense that my transaction log would be ten time the size of my database.
    I do have a back up of the database that I took trying to shrink it.  Can I just delete the transaction log and then the database, and then do a restore?  I am kind of new at SQL and any help would be appreciated.

    Friday, September 4, 2009 4:14 PM


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