Possible to make element hit-testable for only one mouse button?


  • I have a situation where it would be helpful to have an element in my app to be IsHitTestVisible "true" for only the right mouse button, and "false" for the left mouse button.

    As it stands now, the left mouse button is being used to drag the canvas around in a deep zoom container, but of course with the element I have inside it with IsHitTestVisiblefor it set to "true", the left mouse button can't drag the container around (left mouse button has a different action on this other element). I would instead like to use the right mouse button for the action on this element, and let the left mouse button pass through it and still be used to drag the dz container.

    If anyone has any advice/thoughts on this, I sure could use the help!



    Saturday, March 10, 2012 4:15 PM