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  • Hi,

    We have developed one application to host in Microsoft Azure and when we tested in local environment it's working fine but when we host in Azure performance is going down. we are using MVC framework. even sometimes login page is taking more then ten seconds to load. How to boost performance when working in Microsoft Azure. does any tools or API which boost the performance?


    Wednesday, October 28, 2015 9:31 AM

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  • Hi!

    When comparing performance on local vs Azure there are several things you have to take in account.

    1. What's the Service Tier you selected for your Web App? Is this tier of similar resources than your local setup? Because if your local setup has 32Gb of RAM and 8 available cores and your are running your Web App on the Free tier, clearly the resources are mismatched and your can't make a comparisson.
    2. Is the load (concurrent users) if the local setup the same as the Web App? Possibly high traffic / lots of concurrent users generate lower performance if that wasn't taken in account when the Web App was designed.
    3. Does your Web App depend on other Services, like Azure SQL? If so, where are these services located? It is always adviced to deploy services that use each other on the same Region / Resource Group to lower network latency.
    4. Where is your Web App located and where are your performance tests originating from? You might be hitting network relaying latency and is not a performance issue.

    Taking these things into account, there are several tools that you can use to find performance bottlenecks:

    1. New Relic, Azure partner, shows you in their dashboard the performance of each part of your Web App, the DB calls, the latency of your code and Controller / Actions, it's great to find problems and it's free.
    2. Application Insights. It helps by logging important and relevant information regarding your Web App's performance, much like New Relic, but it's provided natively in Azure.

    I hope these tips help out, Web Apps have by no means bad performance, it all depends on your Web App design and the resources you are providing, we have Web Apps that are using MVC and serving 2000-3000 concurrent users using Standard pricing tiers without problems.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:09 PM
  • Hi Ealsur,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Some suggestions which you have mention is match with our issue. like SQL and App both are in different regions. we are planning to move our app in same region where SQL is hosted. we don't have much users. so we need some more tuning for SQL and application both.

    we are using cloud service for our app.

    I will let you know once we move app in same region.

    Appreciate your response.


    Thursday, October 29, 2015 7:25 AM
  • Most welcome.

    Keep in mind that Cloud Services also have performance tiers like Web Apps :)

    Azure SQL also has performance tiers. From our experience, sometimes the Performance Tier we selected on Azure for SQL was way lower than our local servers and we found out the hard way.

    You can monitor your Azure SQL performance from the Portal, take special consideration of the DTU % utilization, if your DTU is high, it means your service is hitting it's top and it might be better to scale up or modify your Web App and implement caching solutions (like Azure Redis or in-memory) or optimize queries.

    Thursday, October 29, 2015 11:40 AM