isometric smooth scrolling map


  • Ok - this has probably been discussed, but I've reached information overload and just can't find a good example.

    Further, all the changes from SL2 up to 4 causes a headache to set in when trying to determine "best practices". :)

    I am trying to build a simple isometric proof of concept using SL 4.

    I have an animated sprite working - so far so good.

    Now, I want to load a map that can scroll (based on where the character is on the map).

    Thus, I have a large map (say 2000x2000 pixels) that I only want to show a "window" of 500x500 at a time.

    What is the best way in SL 4 to programmatically "slide" the map up/down/left/right as the character moves towards the edge?

    I figure some kind of "negative offset" where the map-image slides around. I think this is probably a better performer than going with individual 50x50 tiles for the map.




    Thursday, March 03, 2011 11:37 AM