How can I change the maximum connection limit for a hosted silverlight 5 control


  • Hi,

    we are host a silverlight application in a MFC application using XcpControlHost.

    Our DownloadUrl returns S_FALSE, so we use the default implementation.

    Now we are running into the problem that the hosted control seems to be limit to 2 connections. We have some long-running web service calls that block now everything. In IE it works properly, I have read that the limits are there 6/8 connections to same host, depending on browser version.

    How can I also set that number in program?

    I cannot put some custom implementation to DownloadUrl since it doesn't give me the cookies and we use FrmsAuthentication (so authentication cookies have to be sent to server).

    Any workarounds?


    Thursday, August 01, 2013 8:43 AM


  • It seems I found how to adjust the limit in C++:

    void SetInternetOptions() {

    DWORD maxConns = 20;

    InternetSetOption(NULLINTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_SERVER, &maxConns, sizeof(DWORD)); InternetSetOption(NULLINTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_1_0_SERVER, &maxConns, sizeof(DWORD)); }

    That solves my issue for now

    Tuesday, August 06, 2013 5:08 AM

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