Silverlight 5.0 Web Browser: In-Browser apps bug with Crystal Reports download to excel,pdf RRS feed

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  • In Silverlight 4.0, because the Web Browser did not work in In-Browser web pages, I had to use the xamlHTMLViewer from Infragistics to display Crystal Reports.  This xamlHTMLViewer allowed Crystal Reports to be displayed and downloaded to excel or PDF. 

    Last week, I upgraded to Silverlight 5.0 and after several hours of setting registry, signing xap file and adding certificates to trusted publisher in IE8 per this article http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg192793(v=vs.95).aspx, I was finally able to get Crystal Reports to display in the Web Browser control in an In-Browser web app. 

    Unfortunately, I am unable to export to Excel or PDF or any other format from the Crystal Report Viewer Export button.  Usually a file download inquiring if you want to open or save window would pop up.  It doesn't happen any longer.

    Using WebDevelopmentHelper and Fiddler, I am geting a 200 Status and no error is displaying. 

    From additional reading, it looks like opening any kind of pop-ups through links in the webbrowser control (like additional windows, popups, or also built-in dialogs like alert, prompt, confirm) are blocked and not supported. YIKES...    I guess I am going back to using Infragistic Xamlhtmlviewer control :(

    Thursday, December 15, 2011 12:46 PM