Silverlight blocks outgoing http requests from javascript (Google Analytics ga.js)


  • I thought I had successfully integrated calls to Google Analytics javascript functions into my Silverlight application but I'm 

    seeing mixed results now that we've deployed the app in the real world.  For some reason, some browsers, namely IE 9 on Windows 7 with default installation settings, have problems sending http requests to Google Analytics.  I can see the 

    javascript functions being executed with no errors and yet no outbound network traffic is generated going to Google Analytics.

    I went into the IE 9 browser security settings and changed them to a lower security setting and then I started seeing the analytics requests leaving the box.  I reset the security settings back to where they were originally and I still see the analytics requests being sent.  Is there a known bug with the initial IE 9 security settings which cause this problem?

    Monday, May 07, 2012 10:19 AM


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