Are custom Conditions possible?


  • I have been working on a trigger/bahavior system for a game engine. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in making their own Conditions for Triggers. It seems like the only condition is ComparisonCondition. The most I have been able to accomplish is by inheriting ComparisonCondition, but this does not seem like a good solution. Like I mentioned before, I have all the triggers and behaviors implemented, I just need a way to make my own conditons. So instead of using ComparisonCondition I want to be able to tell the game to end when a players gets hit 'if their life == 0'. So, 'player gets hit' would be the trigger and 'life == 0' is the bool/condition. I understand the event/trigger, I just do not understand how to implement the bool logic/condition of the event. I prefer the ease of drag/drop that blend provides.

    Thanks for any help or advice, Please do not point me to a trigger/behavior guide unless it explains how i can create conditions.

    Sunday, February 27, 2011 10:46 AM

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