how to deploy silverlight application in sharepoint server.


  • Hi,

    Step1. I have ceated an Silverlight3 application(lets say Silverlight Player.xap) in  VS2008.

    Step2. Create a sherepont 2007 web part and includes .xap file into webpart as a feature.

    Step3. Also I have implemented the MIME type for all the three files necessary in IIS6.0 - (.xap,.xaml,.xbap)

    Step4. On development server we have deployed the webpart and it is working properly.


    When we deploy the same Solution(WSP) at production server,Web part is rendering blank.

    Now just help me to understand what are the software required at production server to run Silverlight application.

    My environment for production server has - OS-server2003, SilverlightSDK 2.0/3.0, silverlight 3 plug-in. and MIME types



    Arpit Gupta


    Friday, December 04, 2009 8:29 AM


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