[Marketplace Test Kit] Launch time inconsistance

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  • I was preparing my WP7 Silverlight app for publishing, and started to conduct tests in Marketplace Test Kit in VS. When I started Launch Time test in Monitored Tests group, result was 5-6 seconds time for launch (5 seconds is time launch limit for passing Marketplace Application Requirements; 5.2.1 Which is strange since my app runs in one second. I started with some code optimization but no improvements. I even commented all code except InitializeComponent() call, and results were same. My app is not complex; it is Pivot app with three pivot items, one Bing Map, location and network services and some number of usual WP7 controls.

    Then I start investigating. Empty WP7 app took 1.8 seconds. I you add only Bing Map control, lunch time is 4.0 to 4.4 seconds (sic!). Even very simple "Bing Map Sample" from MSDN took 4.8 seconds:

    I am simple confused with this MTK behaviour. Definitely Launch Time test does not provide real results (1 second in reality and 6 seconds in test), and seems that Bing Map Silverlight control cause this inconsistence. I don't know how any app with maps can pass this requirement if test are strange like this one. Does anyone notice same behaviour? I use LG E900 device.

    Thursday, November 03, 2011 5:02 AM