Inserting records - EDMX/DomaineService


  • Hello,

    Thanks to a couple EDMX / Domain service, I can access the drawings and records in my database.

    But I can not do is to add elements to a table.

    Ex: I have a table: myTable => So a class MyTable is created, and records of this table are accessible through the service area: myDomainService.MaTables is a list of MyTable

    So to add an item:

    MyTable aRecord = new MyTable();
    / / Adding collumns datas
    . . .
    / / Add the line:
    myDomaineService.MaTables.Add (aRecord );
    / / Save.
    myDomaineService.SaveChanges ();

    My code is executed without error, but I cat find my line in the database.

    Any ideas of the cause of this trouble? Thanks

    Monday, October 10, 2011 5:41 AM