Drill down listbox with several detail views for windows phone

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  • Drill down listbox with several detail views for windows phone
    Other possible TITLES for this Discussion (Just in case I call it an apple and others call it an orange): Navigation with progressive horizontal pages - Navigation with hierarchical levels - Navigation with drill down

    I have been looking for this for a long time and I see several other developers looking for the same thing.

    What I REALLY need is an EXAMPLE 1 for Windows Phone, The EXAMPLE loads a local (PLIST) XML file [compose of a dictionary with array's and dictionary's inside of each other] which it uses to display a LISTBOX (Prefer a NAVIGATIONLIST from Example 3), It loads the Node KEY "Title" as the possible selection items, When you make your selection it looks for the Node KEY "View" if not found, it reloads the PAGE and displays the next level Node KEY "Title" value. Each Array can hold an uncertain number of dictionary's and each dictionary can hold an uncertain number of array's with the final level depending on the Node Key "View" value displaying a different detail view with an uncertain amount of items to display.

    *** Example of Levels (LOCATION): Country - State - County - Cities - Miami
    *** Example of Lists in a Level (CITIES): Miami - Seattle - Atlanta - New York - Las Vegas - Hollywood
    *** Example of items in detail view (CONTACT): First Name - Last Name - Email - Phone - Website

    *** Different approaches that I can think of: *****

    1 - A dynamic listbox which instantly updates - EXAMPLE 11 - EXAMPLE 10 - EXAMPLE 9

    2 - A navigationlist that navigate to other navigationlist and use global objects as datacontent - EXAMPLE 3 - EXAMPLE 8

    3 - A navigationlist that navigates to the SAME xaml page with a switch or if else statement decision setup - EXAMPLE 6 - EXAMPLE 7

    4 - Ofcourse any combination or all of the above

    *** Issues of interest: *****

    1 - the method to drill down the XML nodes - EXAMPLE 7 - switch or if else statements

    2 - the method to drill down both local or remote (HTTP) xml files while the application running: EXAMPLE ---
    load a local XML file - show a possible option like COUNTRY and select (USA), drill down to a list of STATE and select (FLORIDA),
    drill down to a list of CITY and select (MIAMI), which loads a remote XML file and displays possible options and select (EVENTS),
    drill down to ANNUAL, drill down to THANKSGIVING, select a possible option like MACY's PARADE, which
    shows the details for the MACY's PARADE such as date, location and website

    3 - the method to control the drill down such as reload/refresh/dynamically change the listbox upon
    selection to the next node down or navigate to the same page or maybe PAGE 1 navigate to PAGE 2 and PAGE 2 navigate to PAGE 1 upon selection

    **** XML EXAMPLE LAYOUT ***** Open Notepad - Paste XML EXAMPLE LAYOUT - Save AS extension ".XML" with encoding UTF-8 ******************************************************************************************************

    <xml version="1.0"><dict><key>Rows</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>Country</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>State</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>County</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>City</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>Miami</string><key>View</key><string>1</string><key>Population</key><string>2 Million</string><key>Temperature</key><string>70</string><key>Radio Stations</key><string>15</string><key>Universities</key><string>13</string><key>Colleges</key><string>2</string></dict></array></dict></array></dict></array></dict></array></dict><dict><key>Title</key><string>City</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>Miami</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>Public Radio Stations</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>Classic</string><key>View</key><string>6</string><key>Station</key><string>88.9 FM</string><key>CallSign</key><string>WDNA</string><key>Stream</key><string></string></dict></array></dict></array></dict></array></dict><dict><key>Title</key><string>Information</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>Airlines</string><key>Children</key><array><dict><key>Title</key><string>American Airlines</string><key>View</key><string>2</string><key>Reservations</key><string>800-433-7300</string><key>Customer Service</key><string>800-223-5436</string><key>Website</key><string></string></dict></array></dict></array></dict></array></dict></xml>

    **** Example List: *****

    EXAMPLE 1 - EXACTLY what im looking for but on IOS, need this for the windows phone

    EXAMPLE 2 - How to handle a PLIST file in windows phone like a XML

    EXAMPLE 3 - NavigationList or Listbox possibility maybe not sure recommendations please for THIS PROJECT basis

    EXAMPLE 4 - Basic idea to what i need but needs to go several levels down but depending on selection a variety of levels down and with a variety of different detail views and hopefully reload the next level on the same page by refreshing the binding listbox (Navigationlist prefer)

    EXAMPLE 5 - reading a local xml file

    EXAMPLE 6 - being to reload the same xaml page to refresh the binding listbox with the next level down child node from the xml

    EXAMPLE 7 - How to implement EXAMPLE 1 (tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath) possibility maybe not sure recommendations please

    EXAMPLE 8 - For tombstone and memory issues possible data passing methods to consider in case page to page is the only possible way instead of being about to refresh current page

    EXAMPLE 9 - Dynamically changing listbox items

    EXAMPLE 10 - Dynamically changing the SOURCE of data template

    EXAMPLE 11 - DIRECTLY data bind the listbox

    Friday, October 28, 2011 8:44 PM