Failure to run a deploy script with "Cannot open: Permission denied" errors RRS feed

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  • Running a deploy script on azure websites from the Kudu cmd line, I receive a number of "Cannot open: Permission denied" errors for files that have been uploaded from a linked bitbucket. Some don't matter for the later building of website but others are critical.

    The actual code that is failing is a bash script that is below but I can't see that that is the issue.

    Is there a way I can 'debug' these permission issues or have I missed something more fundamental here?


    # Setup# -----echo Copy assets to $DEPLOYMENT_TEMPfor build tar cf - --exclude=node_modules --exclude=bower_components --exclude=dist --exclude=tmp --exclude=.git . |(cd$DEPLOYMENT_TEMP&& tar xvf - ) exitWithMessageOnError "Failed to create and extract tarball"

    Monday, September 7, 2015 8:53 AM

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