Certificates Based Client Authentication in Silverlight


  •  We have Silverlight 4 applications and WCF Services hosted in IIS 7. Silverlight Application shall read data from WCF 4.0 Services hosted in IIS. This was initially developed with intranet users in mind and hence integrated windows authentication is used. Now we want this to be exposed to internet users. We were under assumption that we can use Certificates to authenticate client and map certificates to a windows account. Hence there won’t be any drastic change to our application security.

    But on exploration we did not find a way in Silverlight to support Certificate based Client Authentication. 

    How do we support certificate based client authentication with Silverlight ? 

    Note: I’m not talking about SSL here. We were able to communicate using SSL, but not able to authenticate client using certificates

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012 5:40 AM


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