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  • Hi all- 

    I've never been formally trained as a programmer, and the last programming work I did was years ago (a data collection app for Windows PDA, and a desktop app for tagging research videos). This was in the early days of VS, using VB.

    I have several projects I'd like to develop on ESP32 boards (I've already bought the hardware - the dev boards and the various sensors I'd need). However, I haven't started because the number of 'barriers' to learning appears to exceed my frustration threshold.

    * it seems like a lot of folks are in Linux environments, in which I have no experience

        Solution: learn a new OS or find a community of Windows ESP32 developers

    * it seems like a lot of folks are using toolchains that they have to build/compile themselves, in which I have no experience

        Solution: learn by trial and error, not knowing if I'm doing the right thing or including the right files

        Solution: use the arduino IDE or find out whether/how folks are using VS

    * It seems like the primary languages for this type of development is C or Python (with a mix of others) - not VB

        Solution: learn a new language  

    I figure if I have to learn a new language, then I need to minimize the other two barriers to adoption so I can get started without feeling overwhelmed.

    Are there any forums where folks are specifically talking about using MS tools (preferably, VS) to program ESP32 (and ESP8266) boards? 

    Thank you in advance for pointing me to the best forums.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 11:41 AM


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