Netflix Silverlight Settings when using laptop and monitor


  • I have my Mac Laptop connected to a monitor. When you expand the Netflix viewing window, there is a pop up from Silverlight that asks you if you want to maintain functionality in seperate windows while its expanded. I always click yes. This particular instance I clicked the checkbox that says it'll save your settings for the future and of course instead of clicking 'yes' like I always do, I accidently clicked 'no'. I have found absolutely no way of going back and changing these settings. I right clicked on the Netflix viewing window that takes you to Silverlight Preferences, however I didn't see any place where I could undo this. I am using Firefox if that helps, but I tested it in Safari after this happend and the results are the same. Is there anyway that I can undo this, or am I stuck with it?

    I feel like this is a fairly simple problem but I could not find a solution for it as of yet, even after having done several google searches, contacting Netflix and Microsoft (who wouldn't help me because I'm using a Mac and directed me to this site) and having browsed through the forums.

    Monday, October 31, 2011 11:49 PM


  • i thought this would show up on the 'permissions' tab of the preferences dialog, but if it's not there, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling silverlight.  that will hopefully wipe your settings so you can try again.

    Tuesday, November 01, 2011 12:49 PM