Servicenow integration with Skype-How to open group chat


  • Actually my requirement is  i am working in servicenow tool as developer.

    We got integration requirement when we click one button on our servicenow incident form it should open skype for business with all those group members in that group as "group chat"

    as shown in below figure "when i click that triangle button" it should open skype for business "group chat" with all the group members in that group 

    I was able to achive the same for single user, but for group chat i am not able to do. please help. hope u have under stand the reuirment. please find below code fyr.

    <g:evaluate var="jvar_guid" expression="gs.generateGUID(this);"/>

    <j:set var="jvar_n" value="show_incidents_${jvar_guid}:${ref}"/>

    <g:reference_decoration id="${jvar_n}" field="${ref}"


    title="Invoke Chat1" image="lync.jpg"/>


    function invokeChat(reference) {

    var s = reference.split('.');

    var tableName = s[0];

    var referenceField = s[1];

    var v = g_form.getReferenceValue('assignment_group');

    var email = '';

    var gr = new GlideRecord('sys_user_grmember');

    gr.addQuery('group', v);

    while (gr.next()) {

    email+ = (','+gr.getValue(email));


    var url = 'im:' + email;

    var w = getTopWindow();



    Monday, February 12, 2018 8:30 AM