DataForm does not enable OK and Cancel buttons when NumericUpDown value changed using buttons


  • Hi all,

    Using RIA services. I have a dataform for which I have defined the DataFields in the XAML. One of these fields is a NumericUpDown control bound to a property which is an int.

    The issue is that if I change the value of the int with the up/down buttons on the NumericUpDown control the dataform does not detect that the value has been changed and therefore the OK and Cancel buttons remain disabled. 

    Only when I actually select the control so the cursor is in the field and then change the value with the up/down buttons does the dataform detect the change and allow me to save/cancel the new value.

    Is there a workround as this behaviour makes the NumericUpDown control useless within a dataform as the user can't be expected to first select the control before changing the value.




    Monday, May 17, 2010 4:07 PM