Remote debugging of Silverlight apps via msvsmon.exe


  • On 5/20/08 there was a discussion that ended with Microsoft does not support remote windows debugging for Silverlight via msvsmon.exe.

     Has this changed?

    If not, remote debugging is vital since the async timing issues on the clients running Silverlight are highly likely to be different than on the development system.  Thus, my Silverlight app runs great in my development environment and when deployed on machines in our local network.  But when we deploy the Silverlight app to other networks and computers, sometimes there are unhandled exceptions generatted having to do with network timing issues.  The only way debug these is via message boxes.  Being able to use msvsmon.exe just to break on CLR exceptions would be a great, great time saver!

     When will this capability be available?


    Thanks in advance,


    Tuesday, June 02, 2009 2:02 PM


  • Don't know anything about msvsmon.exe...

    But you can deploy your Silverlight application on whatever network and from Visual Studio you can attach to the Silverlight app to continue debugging.  I do this all the time and it works great.  You need to make sure (1) Silverlight debugging is enabled, (2) the app has debugging information in it, and (3) the version of the deployed app and your local version is identical.

    Thursday, June 04, 2009 5:20 PM