How does an IoT edge device handle communication between local devices? RRS feed

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    I am quite a newbie at this so forgive me if I sound completely stupid. But if you have an IoT edge device with child nodes(IoT devices) and they are all sending information up to the cloud through the IoT edge device. But they are also sending information to one another.If no processing has to be done on the info being sent, How does the IoT edge agenHub module handle communication between local devices that are connected as child nodes? If it is connected to the internet does it send it up to the cloud and then back down to the other device or can it see that it doesn't need any extra processing from the cloud in order to send the info to the other device, so just does it locally?

    Also is Microsoft's future plan to have the ability to have IoT edge devices as child devices of other IoT edge devices?

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    Friday, May 22, 2020 8:07 AM

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