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  • I have created two animations in Blend 2 Sept Preview.  The animations are more complex than this example but it's the basic idea of what I'm doing.  The layout consist of two TextBlocks and two Rectangles.

    Animation 1: On MouseEnter of Rectangle1, I do ani1.Begin() in codebehind.  This causes TextBlock1 to scale by 2 and TextBlock2 to scale by .5 and TextBlock2 opacity=.5.  I mouse over Rectangle1 and ani1 works fine.

    Animation 2: This does the same thing except TextBlock2 is enlarged and TextBlock1 shrinks.  Mousing over the Rectangle2 executes the animation without issues.

    The problem is when I mouse over Rectangle1 and then mouse over Rectangle2, both TextBlocks are still at opacity=.5 at the end of ani2.  Same thing with Rectangle2.

    I do have keyframes, for both animations, set on time 0:00.000 to capture all the initial TextBlock settings.  Opacity=100%, Scale=1.0 for both TextBlocks.  Why after leaving one Rectangle and going to the other doesn't everything first reset (b/c of keyframes at 0:00) and then the animations runs?


    Sunday, September 16, 2007 11:53 PM

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  • I see the problem is that Blend isn't recording certain attributes in keyframes.  For example, opacity, scaling and positions aren't there.  I'm manually inserting DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrame tags for these attributes and getting the effects I'm after.  Is this a bug in Blend 2 Sept Preview?

    Monday, September 17, 2007 12:12 PM