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  • Hello,

    I'm developing an outlook add-in that should work on as well as on outlook desktop.
    - Ideally, I would like my add-in to stay open when I switch from a message to another, but I read here that's called a pinnable taskpane and that's not available to
    - At least I would like a quick access to my add in, in the open message surface. Of course, the user can go to Settings > Mails > Customize Actions > Message Surface. But I can't seem to find how to modify my manifest so such a shortcut is added automatically when installing the add in.

          <Host xsi:type="MailHost">
              <FunctionFile resid="Commands.Url"/>
              <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageReadCommandSurface">
                <OfficeTab id="TabDefault">
                  <Group id="msgReadGroup">
                    <Label resid="GroupLabel"/>
                    <Control xsi:type="Button" id="msgReadOpenPaneButton">
                      <Label resid="TaskpaneButton.Label"/>
                        <Title resid="TaskpaneButton.Label"/>
                        <Description resid="TaskpaneButton.Tooltip"/>
                        <bt:Image size="16" resid="Icon.16x16"/>
                        <bt:Image size="32" resid="Icon.32x32"/>
                        <bt:Image size="80" resid="Icon.80x80"/>
                      <Action xsi:type="ShowTaskpane">
                        <SourceLocation resid="Taskpane.Url"/>

    Thank you for your help.

    Monday, December 9, 2019 1:34 PM