Laptops are soon to be history


  • Up until I found out that I need to ask Microsoft if I can put some Silverlight on my phone I was excited about getting a windows phone.

    Microsoft needs to make two models.  #1) a phone for apple / macintosh folks,  #2) a phone for those who like the tradition Wintel freedom.

    #2 will blow #1 off the board.

    Why is Microsoft successful?  Because of the open platform that Intel / PC's offer.  (Yes, Apple will continue to prosper.  Who cares?)

    A)  #2 needs USB ports - as many as possible (and if possible more of the Wintel plug any hardware in mentality).
    B)  #2 needs to have the ability to be used like an "Air Card".  I should be able to plug it into my laptop or desktop and use its "wireless" as my internet connection.
    C)  #2 needs to send out positioning info like an infrared mouse.  Then I could get rid of my mouse too.
    D)  #2 needs ram like Large.  Then I could get rid of my USB memory stick too.  I could plug my "Phone" into my laptop and "Memory away those problems down the drain.  I love my memory stick.  But why do I need it?  Give be a #2.

    I have an "Air Card" and love it.  I've used it all over the U.S. and never need or want cable, T1,  phone line, etc.  Currently I need a cell phone, an "Air Card", mouse and a memory stick.  With a #2 I could throw them all away.

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010 2:27 AM

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  • Here's why Laptops will become obsolete:

    Soon (five to ten years), I'll be able to walk up to any full size keyboard / HDMI and plug in my "cell" phone.

    Whether in a public library, jet plane, home, office, etc.  I'll just walk up and plug it in.  The cell will then use the keyboard and HDMI.

    Right now I have a laptop that I plug a keyboard, mouse and HDMI into.  Soon it will be reversed - I'll plug my "computer" in. 

    There will no longer be PC's (computers) or networks at the library; only keyboards and video devices.  The network will be provided by my cell.

    [[ Edit: As of 06-28-10 this has a hdmi port,,  I wonder if you can plug a full size keyboard in? ]]

    Monday, May 03, 2010 2:46 AM
  • Here's another "development" that "should" come soon.

    The English keyboard should become a "video" keyboard.

    So, I walk up, plug in my computer and it downloads the character set that I want the keyboard to use.

    Each key would then display the character that I assigned to it - no matter the human language.  If there are not enough keys on any keyboard there would be a scroll feature to bring needed keys into view.

    I would keep my "video" keyboard key assignments as they are now on the "English" keyboard.  That way I can continue to type at 50ish words per minute...

    Monday, May 03, 2010 2:55 AM
  • Wintel plug any hardware in 

    Hopefully IBM will get into this and give us a PC (Personal Cell).

    The PC (Personal Computer) was responsible for millions of industrial and home "daughter boards". These cards gave us much more than the Apple mentality could ever have given us.

    The Personal Cell needs to have a mother board about one inch by two inches.  This mother board needs to have about five slots: 3 long and 2 short (just joking - perhaps 3 long ones would be enough).  Each "baby card" needs access to the outside world like the "daughter boards" had so that new port types can be created without needing to buy a new cell phone.

    P.S.  The keyboard spoken about in the previous post could store many languages internally.

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010 6:40 PM
  • See K2P2's comment at:

    'To me there are now four WPF variants (which is probably "good")  ... '

    (Note:  "good" if Microsoft makes "real" Silverlight available on wp7, Android, ...;  The thing that is shipping with wp7 is not "real" Silverlight.  Java will probably be running on wp7 before "real" Silverlight does.  And "real" Silverlight will probably be running on Android before it runs on wp7.)


    Monday, June 21, 2010 11:58 AM
  • anyone have any idea why any 3G card =usb does not work with my desttop Win 7. Is there some services, or hardware features on motheboards that allow it to connect and get a outside signal. The few air cards work ok  on noteobooks and most other desktops. ?

    drivers install ok,, device mgr see's it and appears to be installed ok but no signal on the menu's.  tired other brands of air cards and the same..  NOT  a signal to get out. ? no conection wit the outide world- 3G

    something in Windows 7 ?

    Friday, December 02, 2011 2:36 AM