Silverlight 4.0 volume indicator


  • Hi,

    i developed a silverlight application with silverlight 4.0. my application saves the recorded audio as WAV in My Documents folder. there is no problem with this yet. But I think it will be cool if I can add a simple bar-type volume indicator to this existing implementation. I want this indicator to represent the intensity of sound received from the mic while the sound is being recorded. Simply it has to fo to the high levels when the microphone audio input is higher and should remain almost zero when it is almost silence that mic gets; so that the user can control his voice to produce a better leveled audio input. do anyone have any idea about doing this? i tried some crazy logic inside the OnSamples() of the MemoryAudioSink class which overrides the same method in AudioSink class. but the result is somewhat unacceptable. it even gives me 'something' even if it is perfect silence. any idea?

    Monday, April 25, 2011 3:23 AM