Modularity: how can I dynamically change the order to load views in a RegionManager


  • Hi.

    I have a module that loads few views into a region manager. I can use ViewSortHint attribute to specify the load order - but thats static, I need something different:
    my application connects to a db, and gets a list of views that should be loaded for a module in a particular order + # ordinal for each view:

    1) ViewName="ViewA", ViewOrdinalNumber=0
    2) ViewName="ViewB", ViewOrdinalNumber=1
    3) ViewName="ViewC", ViewOrdinalNumber=2
    4) ViewName="ViewD", ViewOrdinalNumber=3

    at some point site's admin wants to change the order of views in db, say to "3,0,2,1" - how can I implement this in code?



    Tuesday, May 17, 2011 6:47 AM