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  • Hello Everyone,

    Since a clean install of Windows about 48 hrs ago, I've been unable to get Visual Studio working correctly in terms of debugging.
    I'm using Visual Studio 2005, writing code in a C# environment.
    VStudio service pack 1 is installed.

    Here's a synopsis of the behavior.  This occurs on brand new solutions, and old solutions off backup discs.

    1. A C# solution is created or opened.
    2. A breakpoint is placed at an arbitrary spot in the code.
    3. The solution is executed either by the 'run' button on the tool bar, or F5.
    4. The debugger interrupts at the breakpoint as you would expect it should.
    5. An arbitrary change is made in the code.
    6. The solution is executed again, by 'run' or F5.
    7. Now, any and all breakpoints become hollow red circles on the margin and the solution executes without debug information.

    Now, I've validated a number of things in my solution properties:
    - The configuration is Set to "Active (Debug)" | "Active (Any CPU)"
    - "Define DEBUG Constant" and "Define TRACE constant" are CHECKED.
    - "Allow unsafe code" and "Optimize code" are NOT CHECKED.
    - "Debug Info" is set to "full".  The behavior is the same with "PDB only".

    Here's a few screen shots for validity:
    Shot 1
    Shot 2

    And here's an example .csproj file from an affected solution:
    Thursday, December 28, 2006 3:38 PM

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  • In my experimentations, I've discovered that right clicking on my project and hitting "Rebuild" or "Clean" resolves the issue until the *next* code change.
    That is, until I make another change to the code and run again. 
    Is there any way to setup VS perhaps to automatically rebuild before running?
    Thursday, December 28, 2006 3:45 PM
  • J Hallam,

    Check to make sure that under Build -> Configuration, Build is checked. This will cause a build to happen between runs. Looks like build isn't happening.

    Azeem Khan

    VS Debugger

    Saturday, January 6, 2007 2:15 AM