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  • Hi

    I have a central excel document used for contracting music shows stored in SharePoint that myself and 4 other people regular use, we are running into problems with several people wanting to use the document at the same time and getting a read only alert, thus delaying them

    Co-authoring on SharePoint online is possible, but it’s too slow, has reduced functionality and loses formatting so isn’t suitable.

    I am trying to think of ways to reduce the need for people to be in the contracting document at the same time, sometimes they will want to add a full new show (row) but other times they want to just check certain info

    All four people work remotely not on the same server

    I was wondering if it were possible to have separate linked documents on SharePoint that could be accessed locally? The master document would be used to add new shows, the other two documents would update from the master.

    I’ve attached an example if you assume each of the tabs are a separate stand-alone document

    Doc 1 (Full Contract) columns A – AM

    Doc 2 (Deal) contains columns A-G and H – R from Doc 1

    Doc 3 (Com) contains columns A-G and AJ – AM from Doc 1

    The above documents are hypothetical – if a solution is possible I could do with understanding the process so that I can apply it to the correct documents

    Alternatively could each person have their own full document which would update a master, someone previously has kindly created append documents using macros for me but I couldn’t get them to work on SharePoint – they said the problem was to do with SharePoint permissions but I checked this several times with Microsoft who confirmed all permission were in place and that they felt the document were corrupt. I have also attached these documents

    I am open to any other suggestions of how to approach the problem if any has any siggestions

    Thanks in advance


    Wednesday, June 14, 2017 2:35 PM

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  • Hi Faodavid,

    We cannot co-author on Excel files stored in SharePoint using Excel clients (2013, 2010, 2007, etc), we need Excel Web App.

    Users can co-author in Excel Web App only if everyone uses the Excel Web App to access the workbook. If anyone uses Excel 2013 or Excel 2010 (the client application) to access the workbook, co-authoring in Excel Web App will be disabled for that workbook while it is open in the client application.

    Refer to the following article about Overview of co-authoring in SharePoint 2013:


    Best Regards,

    Lisa Chen

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    Thursday, June 22, 2017 10:05 AM
  • It is possible via using SharePoint lists instead of Excel documents. Then you can connect lists to Excel as data tables and aggregate all the information. Let me know if you need further details

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    Thursday, June 22, 2017 11:30 AM
  • Hi Ivan My excel document has a lot of formulas and some conditional formatting which both would need to be kept - would this be possible? If so how could I start to use / learn sharepoint lists? Dave
    Thursday, June 22, 2017 11:35 AM
  • It depends on your scenario. As I'm not familiar with the document I cannot say definitely yes or no. So consider List as Sheet in Excel. If you can create a Sheet where users just input data and the remaining document just uses the Sheet to calculate / format some report then Yes. You don't even need several lists because there is no problem with "co-authoring". People can edit the same list simultaneously (except cases when the same item is edited, but this is rare case I believe).

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    Thursday, June 22, 2017 11:42 AM
  • No.  Columns support some calculation capability but only a fraction of what is available within Excel.  See the following Technet and Microsoft Support postings for details:

    One possible co-authoring method that you may find suitable is to deploy an Office Web Apps server and integrate it with your SharePoint farm.  The OWA server supports online real-time collaboration on Office documents stored in SharePoint document libraries.  When editing a spreadsheet this way, not all functionality is supported, but you are editing an Excel document and doing it in real time along with other users.

    Thursday, June 22, 2017 7:03 PM