Is there a way of temporarily disabling a SharePoint workflow for a list item?


  • I have a situation where I send out an email if a list item yes/no box is checked.  The workflow is triggered when a list item is either added to the list or updated, allowing for either immediate notification when the item is added, if it is complete, or deferred notification if the list item is not yet complete when added but completed at a later date.


    In addition to sending out the email in the workflow I would like to update a list item field with a date/time stamp of when the email notification was sent and un-check the yes/no box so if there is a failure to deliver the email it can be sent again by checking the box.  The problem is if I update the list item the workflow will be triggered again which is what I would like to avoid.


    I would like to have the workflow only execute when a manual update is made but not when the automatic update from the workflow itself alters the list item.


    If I could temporarily disable the workflow for the individual list item while I update it and then enable it again I could accomplish this.


    If anyone knows how I can accomplish this please let me know.

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  • You can create one boolean variable and when workflow starts check that variable and take actions accordingly. Before updating the list item set the value for the variable Or you can play with the columns as well if your workflow fires for specific column value.
    Wednesday, August 20, 2008 12:47 PM