@ows_FileRef is ok but is being prefixed by the current site url

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    Hi  I have now been able create a valid url to the remote document library with a little help from a dvwp/xslt/DOM genius (Raymund M)! I did have a bit of fun figuring out how to pass the xslt parameters to it tho.



    *   fullLink  -  is ows_FileRef as passed from the GetListItems web service
        short link  -  is ows_LinkFileName as passed fromt the GetListitems web service
    function GenerateFilePath(fullLink,shortLink) {
                      return ("<a href='" + location.protocol + "//" + + "/" + fullLink + "'>" + shortLink + "</a>");

    The above function can be added below  <UpdatePanel> or in my case /Style%20Library/Scripts/yourfunction.js   - I will be moving this to the sp2010 root once I am happy with the testing.







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