Export/Import Process in the UI for Variations Content Translation is Generating CMP Files with No XML


  • We have a SharePoint 2010 Publishing Website that uses variations to deliver contain to multiple languages. We are using a third-party translation company to translate publishing pages. The pages are exported using the  export/import using the UI process described here: "".

    Certain sub-sites are extremely content-intensive. They may contain many items in the Pages library as well as lists and other sub-sites. 

    For some sub-sites (not all), the exported CMP file contains no XML files. There should be a Manifest.XML, Requirements.XML, ExportSettings.XML, etc., but there are none. After renaming the CMP file to CAB and extracting it, the only files it contains are DAT files.

    The only difference I can see between the sub-sites that generate CMP files with no XML files is size. For example, there is one site that is 114 MB that produces a CMP file with no XML files. Small sites do not have this problem. If size is the problem, then I would think the process would generate an error instead of creating a single CMP file that contains only DAT files. However, I do not know exactly what the Export/Import Process in the UI is doing.


    This leads to two questions:

    1. Does anyone know why some CMP files, when renamed to *.CAB and extracted, would not contain the necessary XML files?

    Second, if exporting using the UI will not work, can I use PowerShell? I have tried the Export-SPWeb, but the Manifest.XML does not contain translatable content. I have not found any parameters that I can use with Export-SPWeb to cause the exported CMP to be in the same format as the one produced by the Export/Import process in the UI.  

    As a next step, we could try developing custom code using the Publishing Service, but before doing this, I would like to understand why the Export/Import process in the UI generates a CMP that contains no XML files.

    If no one can answer this question, I would appreciate just some general help on understanding exactly what is happening with the Export/Import Process -- that is, the one that runs when you select the export or import option in the Site Manager drop down. Understanding what it is actually doing will help us troubleshoot why there are no XML files in certain export CMPs and assist with determining an alternate approach.

    Thanks in advance

    Kim Ryan, SharePoint Consultant kim.ryan@[no spam]

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 9:31 PM

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  • I wanted to bump this post to see about getting some more responses to your problem. I'm running into the same problem as well. We're running a SharePoint 2010 site and are looking at adding variations now. The two subsites with the most content take a while to generate the .cmp file (one to two minutes of the browser loading bar spinning waiting on the file). Both files are generated with a lot of .dat files but no .xml files. I was thinking like you that it must be a size issue. Not sure though. Did you ever happen to find a solution to this problem?
    Wednesday, October 08, 2014 1:40 PM